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Beauty Inside & Out

Hearing the touching stories my customers shared behind their desire to purchase my artwork, helped me to realize that my art can be as healing as the holistic methods and modalities I use as a yoga instructor, Ayurveda Consultant and

Holistic Success Coach.

Beauty is created through acts of love, inside and out.  My shop is a combination of all the ways I love to bring beauty into this world. Everything is made with love, unique, and hand crafted using high quality materials and organic ingredients, including healing crystals. The Yoga Workshops offer a healing combination of modalities to nurture your body, balance your mind and calm your nervous system.  Dosha-based Ayurvedic skin care products, combat and prevent problematic skin conditions leaving your skin with a healthy, youthful healthy glow. Crystal infused jewelry and art work, bring beauty to your home and body.

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